CH5 – Advanced Defensemen Camp

Jan 2-4, 2019 at RINX Ages: 7 AAA, 8-15 Sel, A-AAA

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Program Number: CH5

Dates: Jan 2-4, 2019

Times: 9:10am-12:30 pm

Age / Caliber: 7 AAA, 8-15 Sel, A-AAA
(7AAA is equivalent to Tier 1 Sel or Minor Novice Gold)
(2009 birth year students must qualify. Please call)

Location: RINX

6:1 Student to Instructor Ratio

Hours On Ice: 6 hrs (2 hrs per day)

Fitness training: 3 hrs (1 hr per day)

Cost: 250.00 CAN

This program will provide all the skills needed to become a solid defencemen that can break up the play then turn it up the other way. All of the essential defensive skills will be covered including, backwards skating (including cross-overs, acceleration & pivots), 1 on 1’s, 2 on 1’s, gap control, breakout passes, evasive turns and transitional play. All shooting situations will also be taught including, pulling the puck off the boards from the point, one timers and trapping bouncing pucks. Body contact situations include, angling, straight-up hitting, stepping up and containing.

Performance Training Description
The off-ice fitness training will take place in our 2000 sq ft training center in rink #2 at RINX. Students will be working on basic and advanced training routines, based on their level. The training program will include balance & agility, upper and lower body strength, speed, quickness & mobility, conditioning and flexibility. Students will work at their own level under the guidance of our fitness training staff

This camp can be attended on a daily basis – $85.00 per day.

MULTI CAMP DISCOUNT – Sign up for camps CH5 and CH6 for $450.00 ( $150.00 per day )
Use Code: WCHXMAS56 at checkout.


RINX 416-410-7469 65 Orfus Rd Toronto ON M6A 1L7 >>GET DIRECTIONS

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