CH2 – Advanced Hockey Skills

Dec 27- 28 at RINX Ages: 7-15 Sel, A-AAA

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Program Number: CH2.

Dates: Dec 27-28, 2018

Times: 9:10 – 12:30pm

Age / Caliber: 7 – 15 Sel, A-AAA      Location: RINX      6:1 Student to Instructor Ratio

Hours On Ice: 4 hrs (2 hrs per day)

Fitness training: 2 hrs (1 hr per day)

Cost: 165.00 CAN

This camp will focus on improving the overall skills of more advanced players. The program will include all of the essential skills of skating, (including proper technique & edge control), puck control and shooting. Each skill will be broken down and then complimented by high tempo drills that will force students to use the skills being taught. Students will be challenged to perform drills that involve a high degree of difficulty. This will ensure improvement by challenging each player to work outside of their comfort zone.

Performance Training Description
 The off-ice fitness training will take place in our 2000 sq ft training center in rink #2 at RINX. Students will be working on basic and advanced training routines, based on their level. The training program will include balance & agility, upper and lower body strength, speed, quickness & mobility, conditioning and flexibility. Students will work at their own level under the guidance of our fitness training staff.

This camp can be attended on a daily basis.
Cost – $85.00 Per day

MULTI CAMP DISCOUNT – Sign up for camps CH2 and CH3 for $300.00. ( $150.00 per day )
Use Code: WCHXMAS23 at checkout.


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