MS1 – Advanced Defensemen Camp

Mississauga, ON - Dec 27-29, 2023. Ages: 8 AAA, 9-15 Sel, A-AAA

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To attend on a daily basis please email us at and we will instruct you on how to register. Please note: Preference is given to full week registrants. 

Program Number: MS1

Dates: Dec 27-29 , 2023

Times: 9:00-11:30am

Age / Caliber: 8 AAA, 9-15 Sel, A-AAA
(8AAA is equivalent to Tier 1 Sel or Minor Novice Gold)
(2015 birth year students must qualify. Please call)

Location: Tomken Arena – Mississauga, Ontario

Hours On Ice: 7.5 hrs on ice only (2.5 hrs per day)

Cost: 325.00 CAN (tax included)  Daily rate: $125.00 per day.

This program will provide all the skills needed to become a solid defensemen that can break up the play then turn it up the other way. All of the essential defensive skills will be covered including, backwards skating (including cross-overs, acceleration & pivots), 1 on 1’s, 2 on 1’s, gap control, breakout passes, evasive turns and transitional play. All shooting situations will also be taught including, pulling the puck off the boards, walking the line, one timers and trapping bouncing pucks.