FW-RX4 – Intermediate Hockey Skills

Saturday's 2:10-3:10pm at RINX, Rink #2. 5-9 yr olds House, Sel

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– Due to the current circumstances we will not be offering our popular Pay as You Go
attendance options.
– The maximum number of students allowed on the ice at this point is 22.
– We will only be offering 10 classes packages.
– You must pre-register for each class in advance on a weekly basis.
– Once you reserve your spot there are no cancellations allowed.
– If you choose not to reserve a spot for a particular week, your credit will not be lost.

Program Number: FW-RX4

Program Name: Intermediate Hockey Skills

Day: Saturday’s starting September 12th, 2020

Times: 2:10-3:10pm

Age / Caliber: 5-9 yr olds. House League, Select

Location: RINX, rink #2

Cost of Program: 10 classes prepaid – $450.00


This class will be fun but challenging and will provide young players with a solid foundation of the essentials skills required to advance their level of play. Special attention will be placed on all aspects of forwards and backwards skating. ( including balance, power, agility, quickness, edge control, cross-overs, stopping and power turns), puck control and shooting. Each skill will be broken down so that all students gain a solid understanding of the skills being taught. Ultimately our goal is to instill proper hockey technique for both lower and upper body movements.

Once registered, we will send emails out each week to remind you to reserve your spot for the following week’s class. You can reserve multiple weeks in advance but there are no cancellations once your spot is reserved.
Classes are limited to 22 students.


In this class our main focus will on skating, puck control and mobility for defensemen including backward stride and crossovers, acceleration, evasive turns, transitions and pivoting. We will also cover 1 on 1’s,
2 on 1’s, shooting from the point, angling, gap control, decision making and other essential defensive skills.

This program is a must for all defensemen!

A new focus every week!


If you purchase a 5 or 10 class package, classes do not have to be attended consecutively.
Simply call if you have to miss a class and we will cancel the class for you and keep track of your credit.

RINX 416-410-7469 65 Orfus Rd Toronto ON M6A 1L7 >>GET DIRECTIONS

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