My brother Ryan and I attended Jules’ camps every summer. I started as a student at 9 years old and now I work as an instructor when I can. World Class Hockey camps are different than any other camp. Even as I got older, Jules always found a way to push and challenge me. The drills are very demanding but Jules always makes camps fun. I always looked forward to and enjoyed the camps. The skills I learned over the years are a big part of the success I am enjoying now. Thanks Jules.

Daniel Willett - NCAA Div I - RIT

World Class Hockey camps were a part of my regular routine every summer growing up. I learned so much from the Defense camps. As an offensive defenseman Jules’ camps helped give me the confidence to rush the puck and gave me a better understanding of the defense position as a whole. I am a better player today because of the work I did at Jules’ camps and they are a big reason I am the player I am today. Appreciate all of your help Jules.

Brandon Fortunato - Quinnipiac University

I attended World Class Hockey camps every summer growing up in Long Island, NY. Jules always pushed me hard. He did skating and puck control drills that made me feel uncomfortable….not in my comfort zone. Many drills were very difficult and I honestly didn't enjoy doing some of them at the time. But I improved each summer and those tough drills really helped me improve my overall skills. Thanks Jules for all of your help over the years.

Jeremy Bracco - Freeport, NY - Toronto Marlies - AHL

Just a quick note to compliment you and your staff on running an excellent camp. The three defensemen from our team who attended really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. My son Michael was one of these players and he loved every minute. He now feels more confident playing a “new position”. These “specialized camps” that you offer are very worthwhile – instructional and challenging. Great job!”

Mark Vandenberg - Toronto, ON

To reach your full potential as a player it helps to be technically sound in the four core aspects of hockey. Learn the correct way to skate, shoot, puck handle and pass at a young age and these skills will stay with you forever and make the rest of the game much easier. World Class Hockey does a great job at teaching and demonstrating these skills while focusing on being technically correct. I would recommend Jules Jardine and his program to anyone looking to improve their overall skill level.

Mike Futa - Vice President, Hockey Operations and Director of Player Personnel - LA Kings