PO1 – Passover Camp Week 1

April 4-6, 2023 at RINX Ages: 6-14 Times: 9:30am-1:30pm

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Program Number: PO1

Program Name: Skating, Puck Control and Shooting Camp

Dates: April 4 – 6, 2023 (3 days)

Times: 9:15am – 1:15pm

Age / Caliber: 6 -14 

Location: RINX, Rink #2

(6:1 Student to Instructor Ratio)

Hours On Ice: 6 + 3 hrs off ice fun activity.

Cost of Full Program: $395.00 (Daily rate for full program – $140.00/day)

Cost for Ice ONLY: (9:15-11:15am) $275.00  (Daily rate for ice only – $100.00/day)


Students will receive two hours of on ice instruction per day and one hour per day of fun off ice activities at RINX. Students will be grouped by age and hockey skill level. Students will go on the ice from 9:30 – 11:30am, have lunch from 11:30-12:15pm and do off ice activities from 12:25 – 1:25pm. Pick up at 1:30pm

The on ice portion of this camp will be fun but challenging and will provide young players with a solid foundation of the essentials skills required to advance their level of play. Special attention will be placed on all aspects of forwards and backwards skating. (Stride – including power and edge control, cross-overs, stopping, turns), puck control and shooting. Each skill will be broken down so that all students gain a solid understanding of the skills being taught. Skill specific games will be used to aid in improvement while providing fun for the students.



RINX 416-410-7469 65 Orfus Rd Toronto ON M6A 1L7 >>GET DIRECTIONS

PTO1 – Pre-Tryout Hockey Skills

Tuesdays 5:15-6:15pm at RINX 7-14 HL, Sel, A,

PTO2 – Pre-Tryout Hockey Skills 2

Wednesdays 5:15-6:15pm at RINX 8-14 HL, Sel, A, AA

FW-RX1 Saturday Defense Class

Saturday's 12:00-1:00pm 2016 AAA, 2015-2009 Sel, A-AAA

FW-RX2 – Advanced Shooting Class

Saturday's 1:00-2:00pm 2016AAA, 2015-2009 Sel, A-AAA

FW-RX3 – Power Skating & Puck Control

Saturday's 2:00-3:00pm at RINX, Rink #2. 2016-2009 Sel, A-AAA

FW-RX4 – Intermediate Skills for 5-9 Yr Olds

Saturday's 2:00-3:00pm at RINX, Rink #2. 5-9 yr olds House, Sel

FW-RX5 – Advanced Hockey Skills

Monday's 6:15-7:15pm at RINX, Rink #1. Ages: 2015-2008 Sel, A-AAA

FW-RX6 – Monday Defense Class

Monday's 6:15-7:15pm at RINX, Rink #1. Ages: 2014-09 Sel-AAA